IMMAC Marketing

IMMAC Marketing acts as in-house marketing department of the IMMAC group. 

Its team facilitates, designs and coordinates all marketing activities in the area of print and online media.

Managing a variety of deliverables domestically and internationally within the group of companies is part of the job.




Yearbook 2021 IMMAC Marketing

The most important customers in the group are:

  • Profunda Vermögen GmbH, Hamburg
  • IMMAC Holding AG, Hamburg
  • IMMAC GmbH (Austria), Graz
  • IMMAC Capital (Ireland) Ltd., Dublin
  • HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung GmbH, Hamburg
  • DFV Deutsche Fondsvermögen GmbH, Hamburg
  • ANTARIS health care Holding GmbH, Hamburg
  • Beechfield Care Group, Dublin
  • Amicalis Holding GmbH, Graz
  • IMMAC Sailing Team GmbH, Hamburg
  • IMMAC Academy e. V., Hamburg
  • IMMACULTUR Förderung, Hamburg

Contact person in marketing


Christine Becker

Graphic design | Marketing


Lucija Peraic

Graphic design | Marketing


Michael Wandrey

Online Marketing