20. December 2021 |

As ESG Officer, Cita Born is responsible for the holistic implementation within the company.

The IMMAC ESG project team worked for almost ten months on defining a group-wide ESG strategy with the aim of aligning the IMMAC Group with the sustainability goals and establishing it as a fixed component within the company. The focus was on the intensive evaluation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations Agenda 2030, for the Group.

Finally, at the end of November 2021, the long version of the ESG strategy, which was prepared under the leadership of Cita Born, was finally signed off by the management, executive board and supervisory board of IMMAC Holding. This currently defines 41 internal measures. This includes actions that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the promotion of digital processes and optimised employee management.

“Throughout the adoption of the ESG strategy for the IMMAC Group, we have taken another big step towards sustainability,” explains Cita Born, Head of IMMAC research and also ESG Officer of the IMMAC Group since October 2021.

For the implementation of ESG measures, “business units” or project teams were established within the Group. These are the Group, Construction, Acquisition, Portfolio and Fund Product units. An overarching ESG management team led by Cita Born is responsible for steering and continuous implementation in the departments.

For the first time since its foundation in 1997, IMMAC now also publishes a short version of its ESG strategy with information on sustainability initiatives for the period up to 2040. The IMMAC-ESG brochure “IMMAC Group Sustainability Strategy” is available for download at this link.