Strong Partnerships, Successful Track Record


For more than 20 years now, IMMAC group has been active as the leading investment company in the healthcare sector. Not only are we lessors of care homes, clinics and retirement homes – we actively cultivate partnerships with operators, banks and investors.

  • Investor of the Year” award by Vincentz Verlag and Terranus GmbH
  • IMMAC Ireland acquires fifth Nursing Home in Dublin
  • EXXECNEWS Reporting Award goes to Hanseatische again
  • HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung now operates as a GmbH (limited liability company)
  • IMMAC invests over 132 million euros in healthcare in the first half of the year
  • IMMAC Holding AG is acquiring all shares in the HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung AG

  • Placement of DFV Hotelinvest 6 completed

  • IMMAC research publishes market surveys on the hospitality market and on Ireland

  • DFV Deutsche Fondsvermögen becomes a private limited company under German law (GmbH).

  • One of DFV’s special AIF in the energy sector placed for sale

  • First Ireland portfolio AIF placed for sale

  • Integration of the DFV Deutsche Fondsvermögen AG including national subsidiary into IMMAC group

  • First public AIF of the DFV brand placed for share sales

  • Market entry in Ireland with the acquisition of a care home portfolio

  • The German Financial Services Institute (DFI) gave the first performance report of HKA an “excellent,” the best grade.

  • The group of companies relocated to Opera Offices Neo at Grosse Theaterstrasse 31-35 in Hamburg.

  • Won the 2015 Scope Award in the segment “Closed-End Funds – Real Estate – Institutional Real Estate”

  • Won the Cash. Financial Advisors Award for the investment fund “IMMAC Austria Sozialimmobilie XIV Renditefonds”

  • HKA ranked second in the Scope Asset Management Rating, scoring an “AA+”

  • Won the 2014 “Deutscher Beteiligungspreis” private equity investment award for the investment fund “IMMAC Sozialimmobilien 71. Renditefonds”

  • The investment total reaches one billion euros.

  • HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung AG formed as AIF management company (German “KVG”) of the group of companies and granted full and unrestricted license to perform collective asset management as Germany’s first AIFM company.

  • The IMMAC current account of 2010 is rated as “excellent” for the first time by the DFI.

  • DFV Fondsvermögen AG launches its first hotel investment fund.

  • Nine properties acquired for three different investment companies from the insolvent operator group of Hansa with the intention to preserve the majority of care facilities and jobs.

  • First new-build construction project by IMMAC Sozialbau GmbH completed

  • First investment fund invests in a rehabilitation clinic.

  • Austrian market entry with a social property asset

  • Honoured again during the Scope Investment Awards as best issuing house in the “Closed-end real estate funds Germany” category

  • IMMAC Sozialbau GmbH set up for the execution of new-build construction, conversion and redevelopment concepts in the social real estate segment

  • Honoured at the Scope Investment Awards as best issuing house in the category “Closed-end real estate funds Germany”

  • Profunda Vermögen GmbH becomes majority shareholder

  • Gathering the IMMAC member companies under the umbrella of IMMAC Holding AG

  • Placement of the first closed-end fund in the social real estate segment.

  • Formation of the management company for real estate investment funds IMMAC Verwaltungsgesellschaft für Immobilienfonds mbH